Backyard design with triangular and lotus flowered garden | Perfect design for small backyard

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Small backyard design idea
The backyard of the house remains a place for us to be creative both to seek inspiration and to be creative, not to mention to design a garden. Park behind the house that we will discuss this time is a garden with triangular shape with grass plants and other ornamental plants. It would be better if there are differences in leaf color between one plant in group with other plants. In order to more clearly contrast the motif that we will highlight on the park. Suppose using a yellow leaf plant in unified with green grass. Create a separator between one group of plants with another so that more clearly again the triangle motif that we will highlight on the plant. That way the back garden will be more beautiful.
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Backyard landscaping idea
To add to the beauty of backyard can be added water plants like lotus flowers. Lotus can be placed on a container or flower pot without a hole because this plant lives with water medium.
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Lotus backyard low maintenance
Maybe this could also be a solution to build or decorate your backyard with limited funds. Simply spend time and energy as well as simple gardening tools simple backyard designs like this one we can apply.
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Backyard lotus landscaping ideas