Planting vegetables and fruit in the backyard

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Planting vegetables and fruit in the backyard
Later busy talking about vegetable products and organic fruit. Scary too imagine the dangers of pesticides in the long term.

Most organic products until today is still imaged 'luxury goods'. And you were actually able to produce organic products (no pesticides) itself.

Have courtyard in the back or side of the house? You can planting vegetables commonly are consumed daily.

You do not need to set up the pot, just using poly (black plastic bag). Use naturally nutrient-rich media, such as green manure or compost and, so just stay watered plants.

For vegetable seeds can be planted from the rest of us who do not yet ripe vegetables, such as leeks because the base and roots are not in cooking can be utilized as a seed as well as spinach and others.

For fruit too so if you frequently consume fruits with seeds such as guava, orange, or other seeded fruits. Fruit seeds are collected and spread on an area of land that you think is quite fertile. That way you do not have to bother to cultivate fruit earlier and just enough to give sufficient water.