Making small and low budget landscape in backyard

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Backyard small landscape design
Do not be confused with the narrow backyard, but you can change a small courtyard into a beautiful landscape with low funds. here are some steps that can be achieved to create a small backyard landscape with little funds.

Construction of garden walkways, hedges, and walls can be very expensive if you use a commercial or an expensive stone. To replace it, just use an old brick or wood. Collect the original stone and tile to create walkways or walls.
In order for maintenance-free patio area, using local stone. Use a wooden deck usually require regular maintenance.

The cost of construction and maintenance of fences that use stone or wood, of course, more expensive. So, just use the hedgerows. Although you need some time to make it thick and high, but the cost is very little.
B Rosie Lerner and Michael N Funds from Purdue University recommend Amur Maple (Acer Ginnala) for high-value hedges. This plant is a type of dense bush requires little pruning and can grow up to 20 feet. As for the lower barrier, you can use the Korean boxwood (Buxus MicrophyllaKoreana) which can grow up to 4 feet.

If your budget is not enough to "bring in" big tree, you can put on the age of the child or seedlings. It takes several years to get the size of a high.

Whenever possible, avoid the use of grass on your lawn. Price grass was quite expensive. Tamar Peanutup Atan gravel soil is chosen, minimal maintenance.

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