Creating a healthy home with green backyard

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Healthy home with green backyard
Many of the requirements that must be met if we are to have a healthy home. A house can be regarded as a healthy home is not always based on the actual building area with luxury furniture as we often see in the image at various media houses healthy. In addition to the cleanliness of the interior of the room that should always be maintained, the arrangement of the exterior of the house with a variety of greenery also be supporting quality of life. So one of the important aspects of supporting a healthy home is a green plant that serves as a counterweight exterior design. As we know, the green plant is a producer of natural O2 to create fresh air in the home environment. 

Besides making the house look more beautiful, green plants as well as functions for air circulation within and outside the home. In this case to note is that fit the type of plant and the direction of the sun. Suitable for tree species planted around the house is kind of bush and shrubs that can be styled more easily so in addition to beauty, health is also more secure environment. 

How narrow backyard utilized and reserving space for plants.

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Great design for small backyard