Variety of vegetables are easily grown in backyard

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Vegetable planting themselves in your home page is the ideal way to meet your family's nutrition and nutrition. In addition to saving budget also confirmed free of chemicals and pesticides. If you are a beginner in growing crops, the following are some of the types of vegetables that are easy to grow with ease, so your vegetable garden will look more vibrant and healthy.

  • Lettuce 
According to research from Clemson University, lettuce is a vegetable that is very easy to grow in the garden. Type is often grown leafy green and red, perfect for salads, sandwiches, side dish or a omplementary dish. The lettuce has a good efficacy in maintaining the balance of the body because it is rich in minerals, iodine, phosphorus, iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, calcium, manganese, and potassium.

Gardening Lettuce backyard
  • Tomato
Tomatoes are easily grown in home gardens because of minimal maintenance, also have attractive colors to decorate your garden. Tomato plants need a soil pH between 6 and 7. These plants only need watering two or three times a week.

 Gardening Tomatoon backyard

  • Radish
Radish plants are easy to grow in soil that is rich in sunshine. These plants can grow quickly and are ready to be harvested even less than a month. Watering can be done every few days to produce optimal growth. Radish vegetables rich in magnesium, folic acid, calcium and potassium.

Gardening Radish on backyard
  • Carrots 
Carrots are grown from seed in the form of seeds. Carrots are subtropical plants that require cool temperatures but enough sunlight. Required fertile soil, loose and rich in humus with a pH of 5.5 up to 6.5.  
Gardening Carrots on backyard
  • Spinach 
Spinach is an annual flowering vegetable that thrives in soil that is rich in sunshine. Spinach requires the availability of sufficient water for growth. It is advisable to plant spinach at the beginning of the rainy season or at the end of the dry season.

Gardening Spinach on backyard
  • Green beans 
According Dr.Leonard Perry of the University of Vermont, the green beans are kind of the easiest plants to grow. Seeds can be planted in soil that is warm with a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants will grow rapidly between two to three weeks later. Pea plant will pollinate themselves, but to prevent disease should plant a new seed each year.

Gardening Beans on backyard